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William Edwin Jerrett





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20 Richard Jerrett


82 Richard Jerrett


b. 24 Sep 1844 Morchard Bishop


m. 30 May 1867 Down St Mary

41 Elizabeth Jerrett



d. 27 Oct 1887

b. 1818 Lapford

83 Ann Buridge





ch. 25 Dec 1818 Lapford


(James Jerrett, b.1814

Ann Jerrett, b.1815

Mary Jerrett, b.1816

Sarah Jerrett, b.1822) 

 b. 1781

10 William Edwin Jerrett



84 William Salter

b. 11 May 1878 Crediton  

m. 12 Jan 1901 Wincanton


d. 23 Mar 1962


42 John Salter




b. 1820 Down St Mary

85 Jane Furze

(John Salter Jerrett, b. 1869)

(Frederick Hy Jerrett, b. 1871)

(Walter George Jerrett, b. 1877)

(Emily Jane Jerrett, b.1880-1973)

(Albert Jerrett, b. 1883)

(Samuel Jerrett, b. 1885)



m. 23 Sep 1844 Down St Mary

d. 25 Feb 1902 Exeter


William Salter, b.1822

Elizabeth Salter, b.1824

Mary Ann Salter, b.1827, d. 1908

Samuel Salter, b.1830

George Salter, b.1833, d.1834

George Salter, b.1835

Joseph Salter, b.1838




21 Susan Salter


86 Andrew Snell

b. 1846 Down St Mary



d. 17 Dec 1894

43 Jane Snell




(Samuel Salter, b.1845 -1922)

(Maryann Salter, b.1849 -1907)

(Jane Salter, b.1852 -1919)

(Elizabeth Salter, b.1856)

(Fanny Salter, b.1860 -1884)

(Hannah Salter, b.1862)

(Anna Salter, b.1864)

?Frederick Salter, b.1865?

(Wilhelmina Salter, b. 1867)

(William J Salter, b. 1873)


b. 1825 Down St Mary

87 Ann (Nancy) Tout (Towt)




Samuel Snell, b.1813

Betsy Snell, b.1818

Ann Snell, b.1819

Mary Snell, b.1823

Andrew Snell, b.1827

Eliza Snell, b.1829

William Snell, b.1831



 b.1790 Down St Mary

Notes: Information on this page has been verified by birth and marriage certificates where shown. Other information has been generated using 1841 to 1901 census data plus the IGI and cannot therefore be guaranteed as accurate.