The Hopkins & FOSTER

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Sidney Hopkins

64 James Hopkins




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32 Richard Hopkins




b. 1793 Inkpen

65 Harriet Hamlyn






m. 22 Oct 1814 Reading

d. 1870


(Amy Hopkins, b.1795)

(Hannah Hopkins, b.1796)

(David Hopkins, b.1798)

(James Hopkins, b.1798)

(Cornelius Hopkins, b.1801)

? (Ann Hopkins, b.1802) ?

(George Hopkins, b.1804)


 (alternative Henrietta Hamblin)


16 George Hopkins


 66 Edward Pocock  (2)


b. 1830 Reading

 b. 1766 Reading


m. 11 May 1856 Reading

33 Mary Ann Pocock

 ch.28 Mar 1766

m. 28 Sep 1787/8 Reading



b. 1797 Reading

 67 Elizabeth Clark


ch. 25 Jul 1830 Reading


(Ann Hopkins, b. 1815   ?)

(Thomas Hopkins, b. 1818-1903)

(Charlotte Hopkins, b. 1820)

(William Hopkins, b. 1823)

(Harriet Hopkins, b. 1825)

(Eliza Hopkins, b. 1828)

(Ann Hannah Hopkins, b. 1832)

(Elizabeth Hopkins, b. 1837)

(James Hopkins, b. 1840)

(Emma Hopkins, b. 1843)



Hannah Pocock, b.1790

Gabriel Pocock, b.1792

Thomas Pocock, b.1795

Harriet Pocock, b.1799

Charlotte Pocock, b.1801

Elizabeth Pocock, b.1803

Joel Pocock, b.1804

George Pocock, b.1807

John Pocock, b.1809





8 Sidney Hopkins



 68 William Harris  

b. 14 Jun 1872 Reading


m. 1896


34 Henry Harris


d. 14 Jul 1936


b. 1803 Ashampstead

 69 Elizabeth Curtis


(William H Hopkins, b. 1857)

(Charles Hopkins, b.1859)

(Henry Hopkins, b. 1861)

(George Hopkins, b. 1864)

(Thomas Hopkins, b. 1868)

(Frederick Hopkins, b.1870)


m. 31 July 1824 St Michael's Church Tilehurst

d. 18 Mar 1869 Tilehurst


Hannah Harris,  b. 1809 
William Harris,  b. 1811


 b. 1872 Harwell, Berks


17 Sarah Harris


70 Thomas Cox


b. 1831 Tilehurst






35 Jane Cox



Mary Ann Harris, b.1827

Henry Harris, b.1828 

James Harris, b.1834

Eliza Harris, b.1836

William Harris, b.1840

Jane Harris, b.1844

b. 1804 Tilehurst

 71 Rachel Hunt



d. 11 Dec 1878 St Giles, Reading


Sarah Cox, b. 1796

James Cox, b. 1798

William Cox, b. 1800

Samuel Cox, b. 1802

Ann Cox, b. 1807

Lucy Cox, b. 1811

Thomas Cox, b. 1813

Elizabeth Cox, b. 1816

John Cox, b. 1818



Notes: Information on this page has been verified by birth and marriage certificates where shown. Other information has been generated using 1841 to 1901 census data plus the IGI and cannot therefore be guaranteed as accurate.

(1)  William Harris parents identified as:  William Harris  b. c1755  Sonning and Maria Webb  b. c1755.
      They were married on 8 Nov 1777  Sonning Berks

(2)  Parents identified as Gabriel Pocock and Ann  by Allison Lambourn - also shows a son John b.1759.