The Hopkins & FOSTER

Family Tree






James Hopkins




512 Bartholomew Hopkins




b.1678 Inkpen

m. 2 Oct 1704 Inkpen

d.1757 Inkpen

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256 Thomas Hopkins




b. 1710 Inkpen

513 Ann Stratton







m. 10 Jan 1737 Hungerford

d. 1771 Inkpen


Elizabeth Hopkins, b.1706

Ann Hopkins, b.1712

Mary Hopkins, b1716

Sarah Hopkins, b.1719




b.1690 Inkpen

d.1743 Inkpen


128 Richard Hopkins


514 Thomas Payty


b. 1742 Inkpen




m. 11 Dec 1768 Inkpen

257 Mary Paty



d. 1795 Inkpen

b. 1712 Hungerford

515 Ellen Butler



William Hopkins, b. 1745

John Hopkins, b.1746

Elizabeth Hopkins, b.1748

Mary Hopkins, b.1749

Elinor Hopkins, b.1751

Nanny Hopkins, b.1755

Joseph Hopkins, b.1760

d. 1778








64 James Hopkins




b. 8 Sep 1769 Inkpen




m. 8 Nov 1792 Inkpen


258 Thomas Peirce


d. 1840 Inkpen


b. 1722 Inkpen



Mark Hopkins, b.1771 d.1830

Elizabeth Hopkins, b.1773

Thomas Hopkins, b.1775

Richard Hopkins, b. 1777

Abraham Hopkins, b.1779

William Hopkins, b.1781

John Hopkins, b.1783
Joseph Hopkins, b.1786

Charles Hopkins, b.1789 d.1791

Cornelius Hopkins, b .1790

Mary Hopkins, b.1790

Charles Hopkins, b.1791














129 Martha Peirce




b. 1748 Inkpen




d. 1795 Inkpen

259 Elizabeth



ch. 30 May 1748 Inkpen



b. 1726 Inkpen










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Father of Ann Stratton was William Stratton, b. 1648 Kintbury, d. 1720,  his father William Stratton.