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Hilda Lily Maud Porter

104 James Porter




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52 William Porter



b.  1834 Hendon

105 Maria Banks







m. 7 Apr 1856 Bushey

d. 1871


Sarah Porter, b.10-9-1828

Mary Porter, b.1831

Diana Porter, b.1833

James Porter, b.1839

Henry Porter, b.1841

Thomas Porter, b.1844  d.1894

George Porter, b.1846

Ann Porter, b.1849  d.1888

Charles Porter, b.1851  d.1919

Frederick Porter, b.1853  d.1901




26 Henry Porter


 106 William Hughes


b. 1864  Tottenham

 b. 1796, Whitchurch, Bucks


m. 19 Jun 1886 Edmonton

53 Mary Jane Hughes




b. 1834 Elstree

 107 Mary



Catherine Porter, b, 1858

Anne Maria Porter, b, 1860

William Porter, b, 1862

Frederick/|Frank Porter, b. 1867

Eliza Porter, b. 1870

George Porter, b. 1873

Charles Porter, b. 1879






George Hughes, b.1826

Catherine Hughes, b.1829

Frank Hughes, b.1833

William Hughes, b.1838

John Hughes, b.1841




 b. 1802 Elstree, Bucks


13 Hilda Lily Maud Porter



 108 William Wood

b. 23 Sep 1899 Edmonton


 b. 1804 Rochford

m. 10 Apr 1921 St Michael at Bowes


54 Thomas Wood


d. Sep 1991


b. 1834 Rochford, Essex

 109 Sarah


Mabel Agnes Meanor Porter, b.1885

Ethel Florence Beatrice Porter, b.1887

Muriel Alice Amy Porter, b.1888

William Henry Porter, b.1890

Charles Sidney Porter, b.1892

Frank Albert Porter, b.1894



m. 28 Mar 1855, St Giles in the Fields & St George Bloomsbury

d. (before 1886)


Sarah Wood, b.1826

William Wood, b.1827

Henry Wood, b.1829

Mary A Wood, b.1832

Eliza Wood, b.1837

Emma Wood, b.1840

Harriett Wood, b.1843



 b. 1802


27 Louisa Wood


 110 Robert Day

b. 17 May 1860 St George, Bloomsbury


 b. 1799 Ipswich, Suffolk

m. 19 Aug 1822 St Dunstan, Stepney



 55 Louisa Day




Thomas Wood, b.1857

Sarah Wood, b.1862

Ernest Edward  Wood, b.1864

Rosa Wood, b.1866

Emma Wood, b.1867

Florence Wood, b.1870

Bertha Wood, b.1875


b. 1834, St Giles, London

  111 Susanna Louisa Day




George Robert Day, b.1823, d.1831

Louisa Day, b.1825, d.1826

Robert Day, b.1828

Sarah Catherine Day, b.1831

George Day, b.1836

William Sharp Day, b.1838

Hannah Day, b.1841

George G Day, b.1844



b. 1801

d. 1868 St Giles

Notes: Information on this page has been verified by birth and marriage certificates where shown. Other information has been generated using 1841 to 1901 census data plus the IGI and cannot therefore be guaranteed as accurate. Additional information on James Porter and the family was provided by Gwen Attridge.