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Frederick Percival Wormald Family Details

Frederick Percival, know as Percival was the youngest child of Frederick Wormald and Sarah Rebecca Woodman. He was born on 3 August 1888 in Stoke Newington. He married Nellie Gertrude Matthews in 1916 and died on Christmas day in 1930. He had three children, Betty, Dennis and Patricia.

His brother Joseph, b.1882, emigrated to Canada when young. He married and was believed to have had a son and daughter. The son served in the Canadian Forces and visited the family in the UK during the second world war.

Alice, the eldest sister, b. 1876, married into the Bailey family. They lived in Winchgate, Southgate and had two daughters, Beryl and Sybil who both married.

Edith, b. 1878, married into the Hammersley family. They had two sons. Hugh the eldest married and went to live in Scotland. The second son married and lived in Surrey.

Hilda, b. 1879, remained single and lived in Wimbledon working as a telephone exchange supervisor.

Nellie, b. 1884, married Fred Florigney a Frenchman. They had two sons, both killed in the early years of the second world war. One was a pilot, the other air crew. Prior to the war they lived in Mayfield Avenue, Southgate and later moved to Streatham.

Bessie, b. 1886, married Tom Matthews, Nellie Matthews brother. He was a captain in the first world war, gassed on active service and died. He may have received the Military Cross.