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Frederick Percival Wormald






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56 Joseph Wormald




b. 1803 Brompton








m. 10 Jun 1827 St James, Westminster







28 Frederick Wormald




b. 20 Aug 1846 Stoke Newington




m. 19 Nov 1874 Clerkenwell

57 Ann Jane Eversfield




b. 1806 St Pancras, Middlesex



ch. 1 Dec 1846


(Hannah Wormald, b. 1831)

(William Wormald, b, 1832)

(Charles Wormald, b, 1834)

(Violetta Wormald, b. 1836)

(John Wormald, b, 1838)

(Sarah Wormald, b. 1842)

(Robert Wormald, b. 1845)

(Joseph Wormald, b. 1849)













14 Frederick Percival Wormald



116 Thomas Woodman

b. 3 Aug 1888 Stoke Newington



 b. 1798 Ivinghoe

m. 11 Aug 1917 Stoke Newington


58 Joseph Woodman

 m. 7 Oct 1819 Leighton Buzzard

d. 25 Dec 1930 Newhaven


b. 1825 Pitstone

 117 Mary Elizabeth Goodman


Alice Rebecca Wormald, b. 1876

Edith E Wormald, b. 1878

Hilda Wormald, b. 1879

Joseph Wormald, b, 1882

Nellie B Wormald, b, 1884

Bessie Wormald, b, 1886

Doris Eveline Wormald, b.1894, d.1896


m. 4 Sep 1846 Clerkenwell



Ann Woodman, b.1823

Edward Woodman, b.1828

William Woodman, b.1830

Sarah Woodman, b.1833

William Woodman, b.1836

Thomas Woodman, b.1839

Caroline Woodman, b.1840




 b. 1800 Bedfordshire

 d. 1848 Islington


29 Sarah Rebecca Woodman


118 George Williamson


b. 1851 Clerkenwell



b.1794 Cheddington

m.16 Nov 1820 Cheddington



59 Eliza Williamson



George Joseph Woodman, b.1848 - Note 1)

Eliza A Woodman, b 1849

Mary Jane Woodman, b.1850

Alice Mary Woodman, b.1854




b. 18 Oct 1824 Ivinghoe

119 Ann Proctor



ch. 2 Jan 1825 Ivinghoe


William Williamson, b.1825

George Williamson, b.1826

Ann Williamson, b.1828

Jane Williamson, b.1830

Rebecca Williamson, b.1838







b.1799 Edlesborough

Notes: Information on this page has been verified by birth and marriage certificates where shown. Other information has been generated using 1841 to 1901 census data plus the IGI and cannot therefore be guaranteed as accurate.

Note 1: This was George Joseph Woodman who became Sir George Woodman, Alderman, Master of the worshipful company of wheelwrights.