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Elizabeth Warren

88 Thomas Warren   (Note)



 b. 1791 Halstead

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44 Thomas Warren




b. 1820 Halstead








m. 5 Oct 1844 Halstead





 b. 1801


22 John Warren


 90 George Rayner


b. 1847 Halstead


 b. c1791 Halstead


m. 31 Jan 1871 Boxted

 45 Eliza Rayner

 (m. 16 Aug 1825 Halstead)?



b. 1821 Halstead

 91 Sarah (Alston)?


(Isaac Warren, b.1843

Emily Warren, b.1848

Henry Warren, b.1849

Charlotte Warren, b.1854

Mary Warren, b.1858)



Sarah Rayner, b.1823

William Rayner, b.1828

Ann (Nancy) Rayner, b.1830

Elizabeth (Betsy) Rayner, b.1830

John Rayner, b.1835

David Rayner, b.1839



 b. c1792 Halstead


11 Elizabeth Warren



92 Abraham Lilley

b. 1 Apr 1879


m. 12 Jan 1901 Wincanton


46 William Lilley


d. 26 Feb 1961


b. 10 Feb 1824 Langham

93 Mary Ann

(Harriett Warren, b. 1872)

(Ann Warren, b. 1874)

(Laura Warren, b.1876, d before 1911)

(Mary Ann Warren, b. 1878)

(Bessie Warren, b. 1880)

(Charlotte Warren, b. 1881)

(May Warren, b. 1883)

(Minnie Warren, b.1885)

(Ellen Warren, b.1886)

(Bessie Warren, b.1891)

(Henry Warren, b.1893)

(Plus 2 children who died - Note 2)


m. 12 Jun 1848 Boxted


ch. 17 Jul 1825 Manningtree


(Harriett Lilley, ch. 20 Apr 1817)

(Charlotte Lilley, ch. 10 Sep 1819)

(Abraham Lilley, b. 1826 )



c1800? Boxted


23 Harriett Lilley


94 William Cole

b. 1850 Boxted

b.1789 Boxted



47 Charlotte Cole




(William Liley, b.1849

Mary A Lilley, b. 1851)

(Salome Lilley, b. 1856)

(Elizabeth Lilley, b.1858)

(Charlotte Lilley, b. 1859)

(Abraham Lilley, b. 1863)

(Anne Lilley, b. 1867)

(Henry Lilley, b. 1869)


b. 1826 Boxted

95 Sarah




Sarah Cole, b.1839






Notes: Information on this page has been verified by birth and marriage certificates where shown. Other information has been generated using 1841 to 1901 census data plus the IGI and cannot therefore be guaranteed as accurate. Information on the Lilley family has partially been generated from


Thomas Warren, 1791,  may have married Mary Strange as a second marriage, Mary already having children - see 1841 census. Although it appears that Mary Strange was not married - her father is thought to have been Henry Strange and mother Elizabeth Gibson.  Thomas and Mary don't appear together in 1851 or 1861 census.  In 1861 Thomas is with Moses David Strange - Mary's youngest son.  (for more see Rainbird family tree)

Name: Charlotte Cole
Gender: Female
Baptism/Christening Date: 25 Mar 1826
Baptism/Christening Place: Boxted, Essex, England
Father's Name: William Cole
Mother's Name: Sarah Cole

Name: William Cole
Gender: Male
Baptism/Christening Date: 25 Jun 1815
Baptism/Christening Place: Boxted, Essex, England
Father's Name: William Cole
Mother's Name: Sarah Cole


Note 2

Could any of the following be one of these children?

(?Eliza Warren, b.1873, d.1873 Halstead?

?Beatrice Jessie Warren, b.1875, d.1877 Halstead?

?Ernest Harry Warren, b. 1878, d.1878 Halstead?

?Beatrice Warren, b.1882, d.1888 Halstead?

?William Warren, b.1882, d.1886 Halstead?

?Albert Warren, b.1885, d.1886 Halstead?

?Frances Elizabeth Warren, b.1886, d.1887 Halstead?

?George Warren, b.1887, d.1890 Halstead?

?Mary Warren, b.1888, d.1888 Halstead?)