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Welcome to the Hopkins & Foster Family

I first started tracing our family tree back in the early 1980's when my job took me to London on a regular basis and I could spend the odd half hour in St Catherine's house looking for the birth and marriage records.

More recently I have been using the various internet resources to continue my search, finding additional birth and marriage certificates, census information and using the IGI, as well as talking to family members
to gain a greater insight into the social history of the family.

The website is an attempt to not only produce a family tree, but to also find out about what they did for a living, where they lived, including a history of the places they came from, the schools, churches and estates where they may have worked and a social history of the times.

Photographs are also included of more recent times.

I have also included scanned images of the records obtained for birth and marriage.

Please feel free to browse the website.
It would be great to hear from you if our family trees meet at any point.
Also if you see any errors or discrepancies in the information presented please let me know.

I can be contacted at:

In addition, if you would like a website for your own family tree, I would be happy to quote for the design.